Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture 2011; MY LAST TWEETS (and Testament)

It's been several weeks since my last post, and I just want to apologize one more time for not being as diligent as I used to be with my blogging......oh what the heck, it's time to say "GOODBYE" to everyone because in a couple of hours we're all going to be toast anyway.

I hate prolonged farewells.....and it's only about three hours until The Big Event.

This morning I said my goodbyes on TWITTER with my Ten Rapture Rants. You never asked for them, but here they are, just the same.

#rapture rants- (1) I'm pissed off because the world will end before the new season of MAD MEN

# rapture rants- (2) The idiot behind me is cutting his lawn at 9:00am. You mean I can't even sleep in 4 one more Saturday?

#rapture rants- (3) The world can't end! Rutgers still hasn't won a Big East title in football- or men's basketball, 4 that matter

#rapture rants- (4) Maybe there is something to this rapture stuff. The Pope just called the space station- maybe HE WANTS IN!

#rapture rants- (5) 26 years after quitting, is it OK to for me to smoke again (for the duration)?

#rapture rants- (6) Is it still possible for all those people who booked June weddings to get a refund?

#rapture rants- (7) Today the world will end at 6:00PM. On Monday gas prices will rise another ten cents a gallon.

#rapture rants- (8) This 6:00PM Doomsday stuff has me in a bind- should I start making dinner an hour earlier?

#rapture rants- (9) To the survivalists who've spent tens of thousands of $'s stockpiling food, guns and ammo- wasn't that a waste of money?

#rapture rants- (10) If Newt Gingrich is quoted saying "There will be no rapture", does that mean don't believe him?

I wonder if Harold Camping has a back up speech prepared, just in case things don't go as a rain delay, maybe?


Jack S said...

So now what? 12/21/12 from the Mayan calendar? Perhaps it will be a comet that will destroy all of us? I imagine that we should get ready right away or simply expect Superman to save all of us.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Either Superman or Bruce Willis, Jack!

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