Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's Bin Laden's Dead- This One's for You, East Brunswick 8

I was among the last people in the New York- New Jersey megalopolis to learn of the death of the mass murderer- mastermind of the 9/11 attacks Osama Bin Laden. Last night I went through my usual Sunday night routine, catching Game of Thrones on HBO at 9:00pm and Treme at 10:00. I found myself nodding off at 11:00, and I started sawing logs soon afterwards About 4:00am I woke up and turned off the TV, still tuned to HBO.

At 7:00 AM I got up, made coffee.....I put on channel 11 where I saw anchor Laurie Dhue talking about the death of Osama Bin Laden. And my jaw dropped.

I watched the celebration at Ground Zero, and the party atmosphere in front of the White House, and the elation at West Point. This was one of the moments you remember for the rest of your life....the Boogie Man who killed 3,000 of our friends and neighbors was dead, shot through the eye like Moe Green, and sleeping with the fishes like Luca Brazzi.

Well done Navy Seals, CIA, and all who executed this operation. And  well done Mr President, and to your administration, for getting it done with surgical precision.

To any clown that suggests that Democrats hate America and are soft on national defense, I have to say the only thing "soft" in such people are their brains.

In the afternoon I took a ride over to the municipal building to give East Brunswick (NJ) their check for the right to live there (aka "tax day"). Upon leaving I took a walk over to East Brunswick's 9/11 monument.

As you can see, the East Brunswick memorial consists of black twin towers. On the left the names Siew Nya Ang, Susan Blair, Paul W. Innella, and Hweider Jian are engraved. The right tower lists Alan David Kleinberg, Stuart Louis, Suzanne Passaro, and Kenneth W. VanAuken etched in the black granite.

They are the East Brunswick 8, township residents who died on that horrible day nearly 10 years ago. I knew none of them personally, but in a community like ours its easy to find people who knew them or their families. These eight, and nearly 3,000 others died in a fiery inferno that collapsed around them- if they weren't incinerated alive they were crushed by tens of tons of falling debris, squeezing the life from them. They must have died horribly. Osama Bin Laden met his demise instantly and literally never knew what hit him. It was much too quick....but at least he was gone.

And hopefully the sharks in the Arabian Sea are eating well tonight.

I snapped several pictures of the monument.....and paused for a few seconds of silence. And then I spoke to The Eight.....

"They got the son of a bitch."

A memorable day indeed.

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tnlib said...

"Surgical precision." I like that.

I hit the sack for my first shift at about 9:45 CT. Following standard procedure I woke up about 1:00 AM and fired up the computer. A message from around 10:02 on my FB told me to turn on the TV. So, yeah, I missed it too but quickly became alert enough to scroll around reading all I could. Wow. Far effin out, Mr. O and everyone else involved.

I think it's grand that you took the time to pay a call on the E. Brunswick 9/11 monument to tell the eight of them that they got the son of a bitch. Touching.

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