Saturday, February 26, 2011

The anatomy of an $11 billion myth in New Jersey |

Hello again everyone. I'm back after taking a week off that was greatly needed. I'll be adding some new and original posting very soon, but first I'd like to link up this January 16 post from The Star Ledger's Tom Moran.

Be sure to read this prior to watching this Sunday's edition of Face The Nation when host Bob Schieffer will interview New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Moran's column explodes the myth that Christie reduced the state's deficit of $11 billion dollars. The real story, according to Moran, is that the deficit actually rose despite the draconian cuts made by the Christie administration and the deficit will be almost the same for the next fiscal year.

In a related story, yesterday about 3,000 public employees and other union members rallied in Trenton yesterday in a driving rainstorm with 35 mph winds to show support for public employees in Wisconsin. Some protesters displayed their anger at Christie, who along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida's Rick Scott, and Ohio's John Kasich are at the forefront of an apparent assault on public employee unions' benefits and their right to collective bargain.

The anatomy of an $11 billion myth in New Jersey |


Sue said...

Good to have you back Hugh, Hope Mom and Dad are doing well! I'm supposed to be vacuuming and finishing up some laundry while Mom naps, but you know how it is once you sit down to the computer LOL!

We had a few good Buffoon articles in todays paper. Are they rallying today too up there? The guy is a fraud and a liar, he'll HOPEFULLY get caught and be a one termer! I'd like to do a post about him since he is a bigtime politician around the country, but don't really have the time right now. You do it for us okay!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Sue! How goes it? Tom Moran from the Star-Ledger has been a particular thorn in the side to The Great White Gasbag.

It's really sad how MSM really gushes over the guy even though much of what he says is BS, and remainder borders on pure, unadulterated horsecrap.

Other than that....he's a great candidate and is Ronald Reagan in Bobby Bacala's body.

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