Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarah Palin, Sputnik and a REAL "WTF" Moment

On MORNING JOE (on MSNBC) Joe, Mika, Willie and guests watched a clip of Greta Van Susteren's interview of Sarah Palin critiquing President Obama's State of the Union Address, complete with her use of the acronym "WTF" to describe areas of his speech. I'm pretty sure she knows what it means- and it's not "Winning The Future". Surely Palin probably got some yucks from the knuckleheads who think she should run for president in 2012. But what was really interesting was Palin's response to the term "Sputnik Moment", meaning that event that challenges America to get up, be more competitive, excel, and win, just like the US did after the Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957 and America entered and eventually won the space race.

Hmmmm. That answer kind of reminded me of something I saw years ago. From another former pageant contestant.

Anyway....back to the original subject.

Wouldn't it have been merciful to all who still care about Sarah Palin to have Greta Van Susteren just stop Palin in the middle of her gibberish and say....."Governor Palin, you really have no idea what a 'Sputnik Moment' refers to, do you?".

But I guess the Fox News audience would have turned on Van Susteren, called her a "RINO", and demand her firing.

I guess Uncle Pat Buchanan deserves some high marks, however. At least he had the good sense as not to try to spin her words.....and the reaction from the MORNING JOE regulars was priceless.

One more time......this woman knows NOTHING.


jimvw2 said...

RE: Palin's libel of "spudnuts." Somebody tell Lawrence O'Donnell what a spudnut was. The spudnut Palin referred to in her profane critique of the state of the union was, appropriately, a potato-based doughnut that was delivered door-to-door by local delivery franchises all over Eastern Washington and North Idaho (where Palin grew up). It was one of my father's many ideas for supplementing our modest family income in hard times. It's an appropriate reference for this potato head of a "common tater" , It was a popular, localized, and short-lived fad...although the pastries were pretty tasty, it was a complete market failure when it tried to go national.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

jimvw2- Thanks for the info! And I do stand corrected.....Sarah Palin DOES know something after all.


I'll have to keep that in mind when referencing any anti-government militias based in the Cascades.

And thanks for sharing that story about your Dad....yours sold spudnuts on the side, mine sold encyclopedias.

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