Friday, January 21, 2011

Olbermann Leaves MSNBC

In a surprising turn of events, tonight Keith Olbermann announced that this would be his last night hosting COUNTDOWN on MSNBC.

It wasn't a gag, or a publicity stunt. NBC News said on TWITTER that MSNBC has decided Olbermann's contract would not be renewed. Friends such as Luke Russert and Shannyn Moore immediately tweeted goodbyes and goodlucks to Olbermann.

Below, his short farewell and thank you to his audience.

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Well...what's next?

It's just my opinion, but don't be surprised if Keith ends up on CNN. Their ratings are in the tank, their Parker/Spitzer is a disaster and is a poor lead in to the new Piers Morgan Show. The entire evening lineup needs a makeover, and fast.

I think after Olbermann's non-compete is completed he ends up at 8:00PM Eastern and Pacific on CNN.

One thing you can bank on...he's not in line to replace Regis.


Sue said...

WOW!! Keith wasn't one of my favorites, but we need all the left leaning shows we can get! Did you hear Chris Matthews was cancelled too? I'm reading Lawrence O'Donnell will move to eight and Ed Schultz will move to ten. Damn now I gotta stay up til 11 and I'm gonna be EXHAUSTED!!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- i didn't see anything about Chris Matthews being canceled....a rumor maybe?

Some lefty bloggers are already saying KO's exit has to do with COMCAST's purchase of NBC-Universal; that makes no sense. Ed Schultz and is even further left then KO, and he apparently is still on the air, as is Rachel, and O'Donnell. No, it's not about KO's politics.

Remember what I said on your blog about contract negotiations?

It's always about money.

So for those who think Keith Olbermann is a commie....I think in about six months or so he'll be a very rich commie, thanks to Time-Warner as they build weeknights around him at CNN.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- on the Matthews thing. There is an old internet story from 2008, an Asian Indian piece that was translated as "Olbermann and Matthews fired".....but in reality they were replaced from doing election coverage in 2008 because of charges from conservatives of their bias.

A New York Times story from 2009 said that Matthews signed a four year deal, so he's around until 2013.

tnlib said...

I think the writing has been on the wall for some time and may or may not have anything to do with the Comcast deal. But there is a provision in the agreement that Comcast has to keep their hands off news operations but we know how that kind of thing works. Also, apparrently there's a clause keeping KO from going to another station. I'm not a big fan but this kind of thing is not without its significance.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Leslie- I'm not a believer in the theory of Comcast ordering Olbermann out the door, mainly because that makes no sense business wise. Why buy an entertainment/news commodity and then whack the guy who's show is not only the #2 news program in that time slot, but who's show anchors the entire evening schedule?

It would be like new ownership buying the Yankees, and letting Alex Rodriguez go for some arbitrary reason.

I'm sure the truth will come out in drips and drabs. Bill Maher talked about KO's exit briefly last night. He felt the show hit an identity crisis once Keith dumped WORST PERSONS, then was suspended, then reinstated, then WORST PERSONS was brought back, then dumped again.

Then again....maybe Keith was just feeling burned out. He lost his mother, then his father within months of each other, both to slow, painful deaths, yet continued working. It could be time for him to just step back for awhile.

Malcolm said...

I'm not buying the Comcast theory either. If there was anything to it, MSNBC never would have given Cenk Uygur the 6 pm slot. I'm looking forward to seeing what Keith's next move will be. If CNN was serious about fixing its ratings woes, they'd give Keith a primetime slot for starters. Another move I'd make is to keep the format of Parker/Spitzer, but get rid of the two hosts. I'd bring in Roland Martin or Joe Madison to fill Spitzer's spot. In place of Parker, I'd hire S.E. Cupp or Michelle Malkin. Although I can barely stomach Cupp or Malkin, they do have a strong following. Plus, it would be fun seeing them get smacked around verbally by either Roland or Joe.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Malcolm- yeah, we lefties have our own breed of looney conspiracy theorists, like the "Truthers" and I'm sure there will be some people who will swear that COMCAST ordered the sacking of Olbermann.

In fact, maybe Ed Schultz can feature one or two of them on "PSYCHO TALK".

There's just too many holes in the theory to make it even marginally viable.

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