Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changes! Here They Are.................

OK my friends...

A couple of days ago I spoke of some changes that I wanted to make to the blog. Some of these will be about content, some will be about publishing. None of these changes will be a radical departure, but I'll explain as I get into the nuts and bolts of what's going to happen.

1). I'll be doing fewer national political stories- I said fewer, not excluding them altogether. I've decided to do this because of the redundancy that happens in the blogesphere; hundreds of posts about the same subject with an equal amount being buried in the shuffle. There's alot of people out there writing about national issues, and doing it better and more passionately than me.

2). Instead, I'll be writing more New Jersey related entries, and about topics that may be flowing under the radar. I just heard of the new poll that says Chris Christie could beat Barack Obama in a general election. I guess those voters in other states are smarter than we are here in New Jersey regarding our governor, you know, the guy who went to Disney World while his state was buried (in parts ) with three feet of snow, and who returned to blame anyone but himself for any problems encountered while he was away? No, there's plenty to write about here in New Jersey. And the "under the radar" people and topics always seem to get the most response from readers, and the most comments. There will be books, movies, and TV reviews as well....and the odd national topic discussed, just not as frequently.

3). I'm going to be posting less. This has become a necessity for me, and without going into too many details, I'll try to explain. As many of you know, I'm the primary caregiver to both of my 80-something parents. Their needs are becoming more acute with each passing month- nothing life threatening or anything like that, just more frequent and time consuming. For example, I just went through a five day stretch where I took my Dad to three different doctors in that time frame, all during New Year's weekend- nothing big, just routine maintenance for eighty year olds. Some of the more mundane tasks they used to perform alone now need an extra pair of hands, meaning me. So, I'm kind of on call, 24/7. Hey, it's my job, man! And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

4). I need more personal time for me. I do need to sneak away for personal time whenever possible, just to recharge and clear my head. And as much as I like blogging and the exchange of ideas, it's becoming clear that I do need to get away from the keyboard more often, and smell the roses. I need to do a few more things for me.

5.)Finally, I'm thinking about renaming the blog. Maybe redesigning it as well. Did you ever just get a point when you look at your hosue and just need to paint it? Well, that's how I'm feeling right now.

Change is good.

Sometimes, anyway.


Sue said...

Well well Hugh, I think the changes are gonna be great! I really look forward to reading the state news here, I admit I pay more attention to DC then NJ, that's wrong.

I fully understand the care of Mom and Dad. For me it's Amelia, Mom and husband, and husband has been feeling mighty neglected the past 2 weeks! We do need to prioritize and take time for ourselves too!

Good luck with the new look and new name! I'm finding that being away for a few weeks has turned my brain to jelly, NOT GOOD!! What's a girl to do...

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Yeah Sue, I had to do something....either make some changes or join the Foreign Legion....and I don't speak French.

And I am just a wee bit too old for a second stint in the military.


linda said...

Hugh Jee,

I think you have a good game plan. Your musings on NJ are priceless. And I hear you on the parent care-taking thing. It is getting to be that way with my parents. I spent New Year's Eve visiting my dad in the hospital, then went out for dinner with my mom.
Whatever you do, we will still be reading you.
Happy New Year,

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Linda! Happy New Year, stranger!
Yeah, elder care can be time consuming.....and I think I'm falling asleep at the keyboard as I type this.

No really....I'm not kidding...later!!!!!!

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