Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scocca : Chris Christie Is Too Important to Care About Snow, or Cancer, or His Job

To borrow a a line from Ricky Ricardo....."Chris Christie, you've got some 'splainin' to do."

Much has been said and written about Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to go ahead on a vacation the day a blizzard hit the state, leaving third in command Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, to handle the emergency. Sweeney was sworn in as acting governor because Lt Governor Kim Guadagno was also out of state. On Monday morning Sweeney appeared on News 12 New Jersey and declared a state of emergency. When asked why he was serving as acting governor, Sweeney replied Christie was vacationing in Florida, and he didn't know where Guadagno was.

Some in the Christie administration have countered the criticism of Christie by calling it partisan sniping. But when voices like that of Republican stalwart Pat Buchanan tell MSNBC that Christie should have been on the first plane back to New Jersey after 30 plus inches of snow fell in Monmouth and Union Counties, and similar amounts in the rest of the state, well...that's trouble. The STAR-LEDGER's resident conservative columnist Paul Mulshine has called Christie's absence during a statewide emergency "inexcusable".

I've read dozens of blogs, editorials, and stories related to Christie's no-show and abdication of leadership during this event, but none so pointed and as on target as Tom Scocca's entry in Slate. Click the link below to read....he won't be on Christie's Christmas card list in 2011.

Scocca : Chris Christie Is Too Important to Care About Snow, or Cancer, or His Job


libhom said...

Christie doesn't want to demean himself with actual governing. All he wants to do is pander to his wealthy campaign donors and take vacations.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

libhom- Christie came back to New Jersey and immediately attacked the Dems for ripping him for his AWOL during a statewide emergency.

Pat Buchanan said on MSNBC that Christie should have been on the first plane back to NJ...Pat's no Dem.

Ed Rollins told a CNN audience that Christie should have stayed home and handled the crisis...Ed's no Dem.

And Paul Mulshine, the ultra conservative columnist and blogger from the STAR-LEDGER, NJ's largest paper, wrote a column called Chris Christie Commits Political Suicide when Christie arrogantly blamed local and state government for failures in snow removal on roads and highways, after hundreds of millions of dollars of state aid were slashed to municipalities.

What made things worse- and more bizarrely- is Christie's assertion that he was in personal contact with Acting Governor Steve Sweeney during the storm. On at least two occasions (to News 12 NJ and to Paul Mulshine) Sweeney has said that he never personally spoke to Christie while he was away, only to members of Christie's cabinet.

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