Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!

Time to start icing the champagne, and ease into a new day, new year, and new decade, and here's a wish that all find happiness, health, and prosperity in 2011.

BTW....I'm much more comfortable saying "twenty-eleven" rather than the stiff and too formal sounding "two thousand eleven".

I wrote a lot about politics in the the final months of 2010.....perhaps too much. But in this morning's Star-Ledger I saw a column by Steve Politi that was of special note. And I wanted to close 2010 by mentioning it, and urging you to read it.

Politi is a sports columnist for the newspaper, and today he published a list of the top 10 sports stories (in his opinion) for the New York- New Jersey metropolitan area.

Number 1 wasn't about Rex Ryan and his bluster, or the resurgent Knicks, the collapse of the Devils, or the quicksand Tom Coughlin is standing in as I type this.

And even the passing of George Steinbrenner was #2 on the list.

Steve Politi chose the story of Rutgers University football player Eric LeGrand, his tragic on field injury that left him paralyzed, and the outreach of tens of thousands of friends and fans who gave their support to Eric and his family in the aftermath of his injury as the most important sports story of 2010.

We can choose to accept life in a cold, cruel world and live self serving lives. Or we can try to do the small, right things that make it a better place, and give of ourselves to the best of our ability. Eric's story touched many, not just in the Rutgers community, but throughout the nation and world.

The story of Eric LeGrand and the thousands who reached out in the days since his injury show what mankind should and could be. I think this column by Steve Politi is a final holiday gift to Eric and those who became part of the story, those who stepped up to the plate and cared.

The column is available online by clicking here. Read it, and please pass it on.

Have a Happy New Year!

And I'll be back with you.....soon.

Late Addition- Eric LeGrand is the winner of the 2010 Discover Orange Bowl-Football Writers Association of America Courage Award which will be presented January 3 at the Orange Bowl game in Miami.

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