Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas (and Other Forms of Temporary Insanity)

Crazy Whacked Out "Countdown To Christmas Rant, #1"

Ten more days.

Then I can breathe again.

My brain, once brimming with the insightful witticisms of a typical, swarmy, smart allecy, know it all, online amateur pundit has completely turned to mush. And I'm sure certain conservative Republican types are probably muttering to themselves....."it's a big improvement".

All I can say is....thank God Christmas is only once a year, and Happy Birthday, Jesus. Because maybe the ailing economy can use the influx of cash to regain some semblance of health, but the holidays......and I'm trying not to be Scrooge-like here....are starting to make me feel like I'm on a treadmill that's gone beserko, and I can't stop the dang thing, and the gym attendant went out for a quick smoke while no one is watching.

OK...I love Christmas Day, and friends and family and the festive atmosphere. I just dislike some of the preliminary events leading up to it, and the DEADLINES, both imposed by others and ourselves. Like the last day to mail cards, parcels, decorate outside, decorate inside, get the house cleaned before such and such date, plan dinner (or cheat and go out like we will this year....I need a break!)- and oh yeah, I almost forgot. Christmas shopping!  I know. I'm the guy who mocked people out for Christmas shopping after the 4th of July. I still think they're crazy....but kind of smart, if that makes any sense at all.

What I'm trying to say to you, oh loyal readers....the Ole Hugh Jee is getting buried alive by Christmas cheer.....and I'm trying to dig my way out, and I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel......and it's an out of control HO scale train set heading in my direction.

So if I don't have any comments on the news of the day, or remain strangely silent for days, or even a week at a time....blame it all on good cheer of the holidays. Because I really am not dealing with a full deck at this point anyway, and probably will not be "normal" until after New Year's. I'm sure you're feeling the same way.....what's even scarier is that we have guys in Washington with the same problem, and they vote on legislation that will affect us all for years!. "Lame duck sessions", with "lame" being the operative word.

But I am thankful, even so, for good health, friends and family....and most of all, for Sam Adams Winter Lager, this man's best friend during the Countdown To Christmas.

Talk to you soon.


Sue said...

Hmmmm I'm not at all stressed. My shopping is done, presents are wrapped, house is decorated inside and out and as clean as can be expected because I'm a blogger....

Relax Hugh, it's not that big a deal! Merry Christmas!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

"My shopping is done, presents are wrapped, house is decorated inside and out and as clean as can be expected......"

Ya gotta rub it in, dontcha?????


Merry Christmas ya want a cold one, and some nachos?

JP said...

I'm not at all stressed either. I do no shopping, wrap no presents, don't decorate, bake no cookies or gingerbread men, my house is no cleaner or dirtier than usual...and it's awesome!

Just another way of rubbing it in, I suppose.

G'wan, give in to that inner Scrooge!

Honestly, I feel so much better at this time of year since I just quit playing the game.

Still, I can rustle up enough festive spirit to wish everyone ELSE a Happy/Merry/Chanukwanzamas, and many cold, frosty Sammys.

Sue said...

you can have the beer, I'll take wine and nachos, no salsa...

One more week, still not stressed! Aaaah just relaxing..:-)

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Guys...I'm not stressed anymore!

I'm merely friggin' exhausted! Witness my blog output for the week....ONE post, and in it I'm complaining about being stressed!

What I didn't say in the post above was that being the primary caregiver for my 80 something parents, I'm doing their Christmas shopping for them as well, and it does become like doing double duty.

At any rate, things are FINALLY starting to fall into place, I'm getting rejuvenated, and starting to get some Christmas spirit; it just takes me a little longer these days.

With a little luck I'll probably get back to a more familiar blogging pattern in a day or so. There's been a couple of things I wanted to comment on, and the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak, and the brain reduced to a burned out cinder.....hmmmm, didn't that line come from the original version of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL?

"Klattu barrata nicto".

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