Friday, November 5, 2010

UPDATE: Olbermann suspended for Dem contributions – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Very briefly.

Corporations are guaranteed the same rights as individuals because the Supreme Court says so, and they proceed to fill Republican war chests before the midterms.

Fox News acts as a 24/7 infomercial for the GOP and Tea Party.

Keith Olbermann contributed $2,400 to three Democrats this year, and now he's been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC for ethical violations.

And just how much did parent companies MSN and GE contribute to political campaigns, and to whom?

It's official...the world really has gone mad. This really, really, really sucks.

A new FACEBOOK page called Let's Bring Keith Back has been established.

I'll be back with more after I calm down.

UPDATE: Olbermann suspended for Dem contributions – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs


Sue said...

shouldn't a person do what they want in their private lives, like who they want to support in elections, no matter what their job is? I don't know the whole story, but something stinks here. I'll check out the links...

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- especially when Rupert Murdoch gave a cool million dollars each to the RNC and RGA- his money, not NewsCorps.

And records obtained by POLITICO show that Joe Scarborough has contributed to a Republican friend in 2006 while he was still hosting Scarborough Country on MSNBC

Hannity and Huckabee routinely contribute to GOP candidates, and Sarah Palin, a Fox contributor, gives some of her speaking fees to the Republicans.

It seems that management had a hard time finding a replacement for KO tonight....Chris Hayes, for one, was asked but refused (Chris said on TWITTER).

More than 70,000 and counting have signed a petition to have KO reinstated.

MSNBC has done more to energize and motivate the progressive base in one day than Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have done in two years.

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