Friday, November 12, 2010

NYC transit union chief seeks to unmask blogger | Technology Headlines |

Hey guys...

I had a pretty busy day and found myself at a loss as far as writing something original. Also, I just felt the need to back off from the political for a day or two....well almost.

I did find an interesting article from Jennifer Peltz of the Associated Press that should be of interest to all bloggers that I'd like to share. Suppose you decided to take on a public figure in your blog, and the subject decided what you were saying wasn't accurate or fair. And suppose the person you're writing about tried to get a court order to get Google or Wordpress, or any other host you could be using to disclose your identity.

Something like that is going on the BLOGSPOT right now. The head of New York City's transit union, John Samuelsen, went to court to find out the identity of the blogger who's been blasting him, inaccurately and unfairly he claims, in an attempt to sully his reputation among union members.

Click the link below for more.....

NYC transit union chief seeks to unmask blogger | Technology Headlines |


Sue said...

very interesting Hugh.

GOOGLE Inc. is a Mountain View, Calif. based company, I keep getting Mountain View on my feedjit, do ya think GOOGLE is stalking me? ;-)

TomCat said...

Pretty despicable.

Sue, Google stalks everyone.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I didn't know about being stalked by GOOGLE....but these guys in black trench coats riding in an old '98 Caddie have been following me for weeks.

They pulled me over and made me apologize for all the nasty things I wrote about JERSEY SHORE....I told them I was part Italian on my mother's side, and they let me go without breaking my thumbs.


Sue said...

really TC??

Hugh, LMAO!!

mubashar said...

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