Friday, October 29, 2010

Rush Holt Gets My Vote in the New Jersey 12th

This coming Tuesday I will vote for my incumbent congressman, Rush Holt, a Democrat representing the 12th District in New Jersey. I agree with the groups and publications who have endorsed Mr. Holt for another two year term. He has served the 12th well, and is the better choice than his Republican challenger, Scott Sipprelle.

And of special note, Congressman Holt took the time to send me a personalized letter via snail-mail after I voiced my concerns about offshore oil drilling following the Deepwater Horizon disaster this past summer. Not every public servant would be so cordial and responsive, but Rush Holt has proved to be one of the good guys.

He deserves re-election. And I feel honored to have such a man of integrity representing the interests of Central New Jersey's citizens in the nation's capital.


Sue said...

It does feel good to vote for someone who is truly one of the good guys and not just a party line vote. good for you Hugh!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- As I discovered "back in the day".....there are good Rushes; then there are BAD Rushes!

Ford said...

Let me be the voice of reason (or at least the other side).

Unfortunately, Rush is an abysmal Congressman. I can appreciate that Rush is one of the top 5 most liberal voices in congress (much more liberal than his district), and thus while I do not expect to find much that we agree on politically, I do expect him to be intellectually honest and I expect him/or his staff to read the bills and be knowledgeable about what is in them. On this score he and his staff fail this test miserably (he still has no idea about the magnitude or impact of the taxes buried in the health care law and his support of the oil drilling band was the height of un-informed, job killing science at its worst - do we stop flying when an aircraft crashes?). Said a different way; if he was working in the private sector and could not find time to read and understand his work, he would be fired, no?

Given that our political opinions are on different sides of the aisle, I expect the constituent services portion of his office to be professional (after all he is a “rocket scientist”) and one area where we might be in agreement. Unfortunately Rush fails even this simple test. For example, when I need something from a Congressman (say a pass to see a debate in Congress or to take a Whitehouse tour), I know I need to call a Congressman from another state (and I regularly have done so) because Rush’s office cannot handle the task.

Finally when the Senior Democratic Leadership (in private) refers to Rush a “Dolt” and a “out to lunch” (as I have heard them say often), I think it is fair to say that we have a lousy congressman. If your own leadership thinks you are second-class, you probably are.

Given that before Congress, Rush’s prior job was at Princeton’s PPL reactor, maybe that explains why we still do not have practical fusion as an energy source yet.

I have never met or spoken to Scott Sipprelle, but After 12 years, it is time for new blood. Retire Rush.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Ford- if you want to see oil rigs off of Long Beach Island, that's up to you.

I sure as hell don't.

And I'm glad I have a congressman who doesn't want that either.

I didn't say much about Sipprelle in my post. But one of the big thing that bothers me about the guy is that he called Holt the candidate of Wall Street.

Sipprelle made a fortune as a HEDGE FUND manager!

Simply said.......WTF?

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