Monday, October 25, 2010

Political Ad of the Day; "Shouldn't The Senator From West Virginia Actually Live In West Virginia?"

A very interesting (and effective) political ad from organized labor in the West Virginia US Senate race.

It asks the question.....shouldn't the next senator from West Virginia actually live in the state?

They claim Republican John Raese moved to Florida to avoid paying taxes, and are backing Democratic challenger Joe Manchin, currently West Virginia's governor.


John looks remarkably like a smiling version of Dick Cheney!


Sue said...

What a joker! Did ya see Palins tweet about Raese? She said he was from PA, I think I have that right...

I don't see the Cheney resemblance at all, are you sure 'bout that? LOL

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- yeah, I do. John and Dickie share the same hairline.'s not the first Palin faux pas related to Pennsylvania. When she was running for VP she told an adoring crowd "How about those Phillies!"

The problem was, she was speaking at a rally in Pittsburgh.

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