Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Poll; Which of the Following Makes You The Craziest?

I need a little respite from the backbiting, mudslinging, the slings, the arrows, and prospect of two rainy days coming up to just have some fun...and get some things off my chest about things that are bugging me.

So I started a new poll, to see how many of you agree with me.

Are you sick of political ads? "Candidate Smith does it with barnyard animals!."

"Oh yeah? Candidate Jones does with livestock too....and so does his wife!"

You know what I mean? I'm a political guy, but it's even getting to me.

And I'm sick of Brett Favre....Brett comes out of the tunnel, Brett throws a pick six, Brett sits on the bench, Brett slaps Randy Moss on the butt, Brett throws another pick six, Brett breaks a bone, Brett will play...no Brett won't, yes Brett will......ENOUGH!

Jersey Shore? How many 15 minutes can these self described "Guidos and Guidettes" keep getting? Sheeeeeesh!

Starting the Christmas season in October....are these people at QVC, HSN, et al out of their minds? People are broke! And these people saying "Merry Christmas!" weeks before Halloween...what's with that?

And lastly....The Palins. Stop it already. "Momma Grizzly"....it's October. Eat a pizza or two and hibernate until March.....or even April if you will. Tina Fey will fill in nicely, thank you. Or that nice young witch from Delaware, maybe.

Anyway, just for fun....the poll is beneath the PLAYLIST and above the election poll in the left hand column. Vote early and often.

Because I will.....Good night!

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