Friday, October 15, 2010

Follow the Money (Part I); Beck Gives $10K to Chamber of Commerce

On October 14, Glenn Beck contributed $10,000 to the US Chamber of Commerce and urged his radio listeners to contribute to the Chamber as well.

Beck did this in response to charges that the Chamber may have funneled as much as $75 million to support candidates, all Republican, who support the Chamber's agenda, and that money has been contributed by foreign multi- national corporations in attempt to tip the balance in our November mid-term elections.

So here's how it goes.....Beck sends a $10,000 to the US Chamber of Commerce. His boss, Rupert Murdoch of NewsCorp FOX News parent company, gave $1 million each to the Republican Governor's Association and the US Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber puts the money in it's general fund. Then they pay for attack ads against candidates who the Chamber feels must be defeated in order to elect someone they believe is more friendly to business.....and to the agenda of the Chamber. All are Republicans, coincidentally.

Glenn Beck works at that "Fair and Balanced" news organization. Rupert Murdoch is NewsCorps' head honcho. It stands to reason that both are contributing to attack ads on Democratic candidates, but not doing so directly.

Rather, they're using the US Chamber of Commerce as a legal money's that simple.

So much for Glenn Beck, and his hypocritical campaign "To Restore Honor" to America.

And so much for "fair and balanced".


Norma said...

I guess I don't get your point. Beck is a business, employs close to 50 people. He wants to support business friendly legislation and politicians. Where do you want him to put his money and where do you put yours?

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...


Beck is an employee of a news organization that calls itself "Fair And Balanced". But he wrote a check to an entity that appears to be taking millions of dollars in foreign money to influence US elections, while wrapping himself in the American flag, and preaching a return to honorin this nation

If the Chamber is indeed taking money from foreign sources and using it to finance attack ads in US elections, then that is more dangerous than any mosque in NYC, or gay marriage in any state, or any imaginary (and erroneous) tax increase on the middle class.

Besides....the Chamber really doesn't need Beck's bucks (see above). He's making a political's as simple as that.

And for the record- and since you asked....the majority of my donations this past year went to the American Red Cross.

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