Monday, October 4, 2010

44 - One Nation rally attendance: Does it matter?

Interesting take by The Washington Post on the size of the crowd of the One Nation Rally in DC this weekend. Some of the comments by readers have erupted into a proverbial foodfight.

But my favorite quote was from the Associated Press that "the crowd was 'less dense' than the one that greeted Glenn Beck on August 28th".

And I wholeheartedly agree; progressive crowds are generally "less dense" than conservative ones.

READ MORE at Washington Post .com- One Nation rally attendance: Does it matter?


Sue said...

HA!! I love that, less dense!!!

No, the crowd numbers don't matter. People are saving their money for the Stewart rally, now that's gonna be a blast! Poor Beck/Palin, such lameasses....

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Not only that, Sue, but union/working class people have jobs to go to..... and lives. Tea Partiers have money and time to follow Wingnut Circus around the country and provide backdrop for the traveling dog and pony show.

Theirs was a culturally diverse mix at Saturday's event. But Beck's rally looked like the "white out" at Penn State's Beaver Stadium each football Saturday.

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