Tuesday, October 19, 2010

18,000 Emails For Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand, the Rutgers football player who was paralyzed after a neck injury in the Rutgers- Army football game this past Saturday, has so far received more than 18,000 email "get well" wishes from around the world, according to ESPN New York.

He remains hospitalized at the Hackensack University Medical Center.

Rutgers head Coach Greg Schiano talked about Eric today, though he didn't elaborate on his medical status.

"He goes through different periods," Schiano said. "There are medications that have to be administered. He has been very responsive at times and very aware. He knows. I have tried to keep him informed. It's only been, even though it feels like a number of days, it's only been a few days.

"I have tried to keep him informed what is going on here," he said. "I see him each day and let him know what is happening with the guys. He understands."

To send Eric a "Get Well" message, visit Scarlet Knights.com, or click his picture on top of the left hand margin of this blog.

Read more at ESPN New York.


Sue said...

What a sad story! This is why I hate seeing small kids playing football, it should not be a sport for kids. I had a boyfriend who was paralyzed in a swimming accident, damn what a hard life he had! It's really a sad story Hugh.. I hope the best for this young man.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I still love the game, but I will always look at it just a bit differently from now on.

Seeing a catastrophic football injury on TV makes you stop and shake your head.

Seeing one in person.....and with Eric's mother a few rows down from where I was sitting....does tear you up inside more than a little.

And to be candid, I did get a little emotional while composing the Sunday post about the game and the incident.

As far as little kids playing football....the chances of this happening to pee-wees is really remote; they're still too small, too light, and a little too slow to do any real bad damage. But Eric LeGrand was a 270 lb, 6'2" class athlete who could run like a deer. And that's part of the reason the injury was so bad....it's like a cars colliding at 40MPH.

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