Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See What Happens When You STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah....."Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it". And it appears that the same 59,054,087 Bush voters from 2004 are still alive, still voting.....and have the attention span of a gnat.

I've had the picture above stored on my hardrive....from London's DAILY MIRROR.....and I take a peak at it everytime I start having problems with President Obama and any of his "mis-steps". I have to take a look at the guy who set the stage for the mess the country found ourselves in, and who left it for his successor to lead us out of the abyss.

It appears that many in this nation want to take us back to The Daze of Dubya, and keep swinging it to the right. And it also looks like there are enough disenchanted independents and Democrats who will stay home and not vote in November's midterm elections, thus giving Republicans (read "Tea Baggers") the House and possibly the Senate.

And once again America would be in the hands of Republicans, guys who the man on the street would be happy having a beer with, just like Dubya.

And once again, the little guy will get stuck with the tab.It didn't work out so well the first time, did it?

Honestly, if asked if Barack Obama has been a complete success in his first two years, I'd have to say no he has not. But in saying that I'd say he was a vast improvement over his predecessor. His biggest fault, I'm sorry to say, was his wasted effort trying to establish some sort of bipartisanship with a Republican Party that tried to overtly and covertly render his presidency dead in it's infancy. He did a poor job explaining his healthcare bill to the public, and because of that the bill, which is needed to insure millions of those who have no health insurance or can't be insured because of an existing condition, is being sold as "Obamacare" and used as a weapon against Democrats in the midterms.

And sadly....but predictably....many Democrats are running from this President in droves. Probably something of not being able to pick the people you're in a fox hole with.

The so called "99'ers" are threatening to just stay home this November to punish the Democrats. That would probably insure a Republican takeover of Congress, and undoubtedly more gridlock, probably worse than ever before, at a time when we need it the least.

You can say- if you wish- the 59,054,087 people who voted for Dubya in 2004 did something that was either partisan, or else very dumb.

But there is dumb....and to paraphrase from a Grade B movie...."dumberer".

And in my eyes, the definition of "dumberer" is any reasonable person who, seeing how the far right loons and plutocrats have seized control of the once great Republican Party,  does nothing to try and stop a catastrophic return to the policies that got us where we are.

My fellow progressives...real patriots get off their asses.

And they vote.


tnlib said...

You are exactly right. Dems are very unrealistic, not to say petty and somewhat spoiled.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Leslie- "spoiled" is too kind a word. Bill Moyers, as liberal as they come, said that the Dems need to grow a spine....I say many of them need to grow a pair of something else.

But they're still ahead of Republicans on the evolutionary scale...too many Republicans (and their voters) still need to find brains.

But why should GOP'ers care what I say? They don't believe in Darwin ....that is, unless it comes to economics, then it's survival of the fittest.

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