Thursday, September 9, 2010

Second Anniversary of This Blog!!!!! It Cannot Be Stopped!!!!

Yes, it's been two years exactly since that boring evening when I decided to stop merely thinking out loud, and put my utterances on the internet for the rest of the world to totally ignore.

Maybe somebody would read my blog.....a couple of people looking for something else will stumble on this mess, or perhaps a relative who felt sorry for me, wasting hours at a computer keyboard when I could be doing something productive like watching Dancing With The Stars, or America's Got Talent....or even Jersey Shore. I mean, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

But a funny thing happened....people started to read the stuff I was writing- like visitors from more than 160 countries. It just goes to show- there's a lot of folks in this world with more time on their hands than me.

And for that, I'm very grateful.

So to the new 341 people (on average) who will visit this blog today for the first time, and the 145 returnees- giving us an average of 486 readers each day- thanks much for making this so much fun to do. I never thought I had 1,127 blog entries in me.

Whoops! Make that 1,128.

I'm just getting warmed up...I can not be stopped!!!!!

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Malcolm said...

Congratulations on your two years in the blogosphere! Coincidentally, you started your blog a day after The Rachel Maddow Show debuted on MSNBC.

By the way, nice job of quoting "The Most Interesting Man in the World". Those commercials are the best!

Sue said...

congrats my fav Joisey blog buddy! Isn't it funny, what did we do before blogging? What did we do before COMPUTERS even?? I read more, cleaned more, spent more time outside... Aaaaah but I would shrivel up and die without my computer, I think you would too!

May you have many many more blog posts!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Thanks guys!

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