Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Midterms 2010; Gallup Poll (9/810) Dems and GOP Are Even at 46%

"As Homer goes, so goes the nation"

Some pundits were calling it a likely Republican tsunami for the Congressional midterm elections in November. Last week, a generic Gallup Poll had the Republicans leading Democrats by a whopping ten points, the largest gap in decades of polling for midterm elections.

But that was last week.....and as Lee Corso says on ESPN's College Game Day....."Not so fast, my friend". Before John Boehner can order his new Speaker's gavel the Republicans just might have a dogfight on their hands.....the latest Gallup Poll released today shows both parties are tied at 46%. Both of the Democrats and Republican faithful say that they will vote for their party (both at 93%), but as of now the GOP does lead for the Independent vote by 16 points (49 to 33%).

Twice as many Republicans are enthusiastic about voting (50 to 25%). And what should be a concern to Democrats is the lack of interest in voting in the midterms by young people, women, and African Americans, according to Gallup; those were demographics that swept Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008.

Also of note- Republicans seem to prefer a candidate who has not served in Congress, while Dems would rather have a candidate who has Congressional experience. Incidentally, neither Democrats nor Republican nor Independent voters are giving Congress a ring endorsement; only 38% of the Dems, 5% of Republicans, and 14% of Indies say that Congress is doing a good job. is after Labor Day. Put away your white clothes, get your chimney swept and cover that above ground pool. It's unofficially fall, and it's time for America's three favorite sports; NFL Football, the World Series, and politics, politics, politics.

For more on the findings of the latest Gallup Poll, click here.


Sue said...

when I saw this new poll last night I just about fell over, but with GLEE!! I know in my heart the dems will come out to vote. Obamas speeches will help alot, he has done such a great job this week in Milwaukee and Ohio GO DEMS! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, AND VOTE!!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

If the Prez comes out swinging like he did yesterday it will help to galvanize the Dems, but it still looks like their is a lot more enthusiasm for voting with the Republicans.

Youth in particular came out big for Obama in '08, but the 18-25 year olds are notorious for voting for President and then going to sleep politically for the next four years. Somebody needs to build a fire under their asses....Reverend Terry Jones need not apply for the job.

tnlib said...

No, the good reverand needs to take a nice long nap. Zzzzz.

What intrigues me most about this poll is the spread in the Congressional approval ratings. That's a hopeful sign as well as the fact that the Dems have gained so much in the last week.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Leslie- the American people want instant results, and no president could have delivered the results they demand so quickly.

The President needs to remind the public how we got where we are and who was driving the bus when the crash happened in 2008

It's called "politics".

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