Thursday, September 9, 2010

Colin Powell- The "Ground Zero Mosque" Should Go Forward

While news on the proposed Quaran burnings by Reverend Terry Jones keeps changing by the minute (as I type this)- and does he or doesn't he have a quid pro quo not to burn the books if the Islamic center near Ground Zero is moved (odds are he's delusional on that one)- and the latest stunt by "The Donald" to buy the site for the proposed center and have the center moved to another part of Manhattan (to avoid any further conflicts).....please stop and take a breath, for crying out loud!

Thankfully there are reasonable men of conscience around.....and some of them are registered Republicans. Today on ABC's The View General Colin Powell gave his common sense and logical reasons why the "Ground Zero Mosque" should go forward, and why the burnings are the Quaran are so abhorrent and troubling.

Read more at Politics Daily.


tnlib said...

Wish there were a few more like him.

Sue said...

Colin Powell is one of the "GOOD Guys". He is reasonable, smart, composed, etc. etc. I wish there were more on the right like him too.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue & Leslie- his point of there being an Islamic prayer room in the Pentagon hit a home run with me. They were attacked on 9/11 as well, so isn't that hallowed ground also?

To move the Islamic Center from it's proposed site because of pressure is exactly what terrorists want to see, because it reinforces their argument that we are a nation that wants to destroy Islam. And that isn't true.

Thank goodness there are some conservatives like Gen. Powell and Ron Paul that "get it", and see this controversy for what it is; just an opportunity to score political points instead of doing the right thing for a country ailing from Islamaphobia.

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