Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"WAS IT REALLY THAT BAD....Before Unions?"

After seeing the reaction from the usual suspects on the right to the passage of a $26 billion bill that would save the jobs of tens of thousands of teachers, police officers, and firefighters- most of the righties want them to take big(ger) pay cuts, and "curses be those damned unions"- I thought I'd examine their reasoning by searching for the answer to the question....

"Was it really that bad before unions?"

When I need answers to life's questions, I know who to turn to......

Stephen Colbert!

Here, from way back in March 2006, Stephen talked about the "good old days", before those damned Bolshevik trade unionists destroyed America.... forever!!!.

Ahem!....if America was already destroyed in 2006, how is Barack Obama destroying it now? Or was there a glorious Golden Age that lasted all of two years that came crashing down in September, 2008?

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Was It Really That Bad? - Before Unions
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Sue said...

yes he is funny! I know the truth oh so well, my husband worked for a family owned co. for 15 years, a mill, Mannington Mills. He asked for his overtime pay after going in at 2 am one night. He was refused, called insubordinate, accused of trying to form a union too, and was FIRED!! No union to help him but the National Labor Relations board did and we should have sued the friggen pants off that hideous company, but alas settled for a measly sum... This country NEEDS unions, the average American worker NEEDS unions! Yes there are good points and not so good, but I am PRO-Union!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Yeah, unions got a bad rep, some deservedly so. Nobody can deny that the Teamsters, and some service worker and building trade unions were connected to wise guys back in the day. But the majority of unions were and are clean, and have been working for the working man (and woman) since their inception.

That's quite a story about your hubbie, Sue. And the guy who told him he was fired for trying to form a union lost the case as soon as he uttered those magic words.

I gave my Dad's union history on your blog....I'm really proud of the guy, and all that he was able to accomplish for teachers on the state and local level.

Sue said...

yes, your dads story is a great one, I can see why you are proud of him!

The labor relations guys eyes LIT UP when Butch told him the union part of the story! He should never have settled out of court...

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