Thursday, August 12, 2010

The GOP vs The Working Man; NEWT GINGRICH

COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann once again gave us a few moments of "must see TV" on Thursday. In a recent interview at, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wrote that extension of unemployment benefits gives the incentive to stay on unemployment instead of looking for another job. He went on....

"The Wall Street Journal quotes an engineer who admits he turned down more than a dozen jobs because the salary would have been less then he made on welfare.This story encapsulates the problem of the long-termed unemployed. The depth and length of this recession is at risk of creating a permanent pool of unemployed Americans, who get so used to being unproductive that they are willing to accept welfare indefinitely instead of taking a job."

You would think the former Speaker, who was at one time third in line to the presidency during the Clinton administration, would know the difference between "welfare" and "unemployment insurance".

But he knows the difference. It was just Newt's way of scoring points with his political base.

And by the way....the jobs being offered in the paragraph above would require the hired person to move to Dubai.

In the video below the man referenced by Gingrich, Mike Hatchell of Lumberton, NC- with his wife Sarah- talk about their history, and the truth about why he turned down the job offers. The bottom line is, Mr. Hatchell payed into the unemployment insurance pool for more than 30 was money he was entitled to, and the depiction of him being on welfare by Gingrich was simply a bold face lie.


Anonymous said...

Empoyers NOT employees pay 100% of the unemployment insurance tax.

Hatchell's a liar and a bum.

Olbermann's too stupid to notice.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

At the beginning of the interview Olbermann said that (among other positions) Hatchell used to have his own business as a mechanic....therefore he had to pay into the pool for himself.

And as an employee of others he helped to make profits for his employer for years. His employer in turn had those profits- produced in part by Hatchell's labor- taxed for unemployment insurance.

Say what you want to....the man was a productive member of society for decades and not sitting at home collecting welfare for doing nothing.

That was Gingrich's was simply not true.

Sue said...

that part where the woman tells Bush she was working 3 jobs was priceless! Did you see his face?? It's because all the good paying jobs are outsourced and when Bush was president people really did have to work 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. The woman forgot to say that to his face!!

Anons a rightwing moron!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I watched that and I flashed back to an old episode of IN LIVING COLOR, when Keenan Ivory Wayans played the West Indian immigrant who called his neighbor a lazy bum because he only had three jobs!

That scene with Bush and the lady was so sad it became almost comical. A scriptwriter couldn't make that up.

I remember a very wise man who said years ago that America was never stronger than when we had a work force with big paychecks and a good benefits package, and we have to get back to that standard to restore the economy.

That was from noted commie-pinko- tree hugger- limp wristed lefty whacko Lee Iacocca.

"In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits".

Too often in the past two decades the "people" part of that equation has gotten lost....that's why we need unions, advocates in our government, and men of conscience like Iacocca running our businesses. He never forgot where he came from.

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