Friday, July 16, 2010

The Worst Tax Burden Per Person of Any State; And the "Winner" Is..........

 Red state, blue state....Republican, Democrat....conservative, liberal.

But the bottom line matters little. Because for all the bluster you hear about "tax and spend liberals" and "fiscally responsible" conservatives, the bottomline is remarkably similar.

A listing of the Pain Index found in US News & World Report shows that of the Top Ten states with the most tax burden per citizen and the biggest budget cuts, resulting in less "bang for your buck", is evenly divided among what are nominally designated as "red states" and "blue states".

Five of the states are traditionally Democratic, and the other five usually vote Republican. But here's an interesting note; of the five "blue" states listed- California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island- all but Delaware have Republican governors (Don Carcieri-RI, Arnold_Schwarzenegger- CA, Linda Lingle-HA, Chris Christie-NJ).

Don't shoot me....I'm only the messenger. Talk to Mort Zuckerman.

But the winner shown in the list below.....the 49th state.

Alaska....the state that gave us a famous half term governor, is the state that leads the nation in The Pain Index.

1. Alaska: $1,265
2. California: $855
3. Wyoming: $698
4. Rhode Island: $619
5. New Jersey: $602
6. Delaware: $453
7. Hawaii: $444
8. South Carolina: $475
9. Utah: $437
10. Oklahoma: $470

Sarah Palin, who left office after little more than half of her term was complete- and made a zillion dollars in the process- apparently had left a real mess for her successor, Sean Parnell, to clean up.

And there's a sizable group of people in the Republican Party- and the Tea Party- who want this woman to run for president in 2012.


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steve @ 2008 Taxes said...

I am surprised. From what Sarah said her state had everything right.

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