Friday, July 9, 2010

What Would Reagan Really Do? - Newsweek

"Reagan is a difficult icon for Republicans. He was an achiever and, by and large, a successful president. But he wasn’t a successful president in the way that the Republican hero worshipers describe him. Of course ideology was important to Reagan. But he was a success because of, and in spite of, ideology. He cared more about getting stuff done.”.....Ronald Reagan biographer Lou Cannon.

He's been deified by conservatives and has prompted some to try to institute a "Reaganite Purity Test". And he was to be sure......and even his detractors must admit.....the most successful Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt.

But here's the rub; could Ronald Reagan pass the purity test in 2010.

Writer Andrew Romano has some doubts. In this thought provoking Newsweek article he tries to strip away the Reagan mythology and asks the question; "What would Reagan REALLY do?".

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TomCat said...

Today, Reagan could not win a GOP primary for the House, let alone the Presidency.

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