Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye To July

July 31st is always the most bittersweet day of the year for me; it marks the end of my favorite month of the year and the countdown to autumn begins in earnest. True, fall does have it's redeeming virtues, like cooler days and nights, foliage, Halloween, and of course football. But I'm like most people....I live for summer. And it's always a little sad when you get that first inkling that summer is slipping away. Those feelings become more marked and poignant with each passing year.

But it's still summer, and there is a lot of time to celebrate it. Today I made my midsummer pilgrimage to Rutgers Gardens in North Brunswick, NJ (near the Cook College Campus) for their summer open house. It was crowded, but a warm and pleasant 80 degree day, with wine tasting, vendors, and Jersey Fresh produce for sale (can't beat a half dozen large ears of corn for four bucks).

And there were the sights of the Gardens, which like all gardens this summer took a bit of a beating from the extreme heat and mini-drought we'd been experiencing in the region. Some flowers were past peak prematurely, probably because of the stress they were under. But some displays weathered the conditions extremely well.

I took my camera and tripod, and here's a few of the sights from today's open house.

Enjoy August.....and the rest of your summer.


Sue said...

The flowers look good, the frog looks healthy too, but the grass in NJ is suffering bad!

Hugh I'm one of those who kinda, a little bit, hates summer! I hate the heat and humidity. I hate to be hot and sweaty even sitting still! I don't even like the bright hot sun beating down on me. I'm glad to see July end, that means Fall(my favorite season) is upon us!

August 2nd is my sons 38th birthday, YIKES, do I look that OLD???

Enjoy August while it lasts, hopefully it will fly by!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue....about hating summer; at least you don't have to shovel sweat (snow, ice, slush, yuck!).

And a happy B-day to your son, I'll drink to that....hell, I'll drink to anything or anyone these days.

And as far as getting old(er)....remember what Mark Twain said...."Aging is mind over matter. If you don't mind, then it doesn't matter".

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