Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Refudiate This! Is Sarah Palin Norm Crosby's Long Lost Daughter?

Most the civilized world has heard the latest Palinism; Sarah invented the word "refudiate" during a speech, and even TWEETED it later on (ahhhh.... while tweeting didn't that red line under the word indicating it was mispelled, or not a word, set off any alarms...at all?).

Sarah decided to compare her malaprop to Shakespeare inventing words, and to Dubya's "misunderestimate" and Barack's "wee-wee'd up" (is that a diminutive form of being pissed off?).

But take a look at the following video and pay attention to the conversation Harry Smith has with Erica Hill at it's conclusion.


You mean to say John McCain said "refudiate" as well?

This got me thinking.....whatever happened to "The King of The Malaprop", comedian Norm Crosby. Well...Norm is still alive, and will be 83 years old this September. Obviously, he must be semi-retired at this point in his life.

In keeping with the political side of things, Norm Crosby roasts Senator Barry Goldwater in this old DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROAST....looking at some of the other guests (William Conrad, Dan Rowan) my guess is that the show is from the late 1970's or early 1980's.

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Malcolm said...

I haven't thought of Norm Crosby in years! I remember when he used to host the syndicated show "The Comedy Shop".

Sarah Palin's malaprops also remind me of The Bowery Boys' Leo Gorcey. Coincidentally, TCM is showing a marathon of Bowery Boys films today.

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