Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. President- Have A REAL Sub (Jersey Style)! And Don't Forget The Provolone!

You may love President Barack Obama....or maybe you don't. But you'll have to admit one thing....he can really pick a good sub shop.

Tomorrow the President of the United States visits my backyard on a trip to the Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Avenue in Edison, NJ, just around the corner from Route 27....the former senator from Illinois will be yards away from what used to be called "The Lincoln Highway". The President will meet Tastee co-owner Dave Thornton, and three other New Jersey small business owners; Theo Mastorakos of Rochelle Park, Catherine Horsburgh of Wayne, and Brian Bovia of Sicklerville.

I first went to Tastee Sub Shop when I was a kid, a whole lot of subs and many pounds ago. Now, the President won't have to worry about having to wait very long to get served....its one of his job perks. And parking won't be a problem either (it can be pretty tough at lunchtime). Just be careful...it's bad corner, and sometimes Jersey drivers get an attitude (not me......I haven't given anybody an obscene gesture in at least a week).

A few suggestions, Mr. President.....with all due respect. Get a whole #2, with extra oil and vinegar, everything on it....but NIX on the hot peppers, you still have to meet the ladies on The View....and if the counter guy asks you what kind of cheese you want ask for PROVOLONE!!!!! No Swiss, cheddar, American, Cheese Whiz....only PROVOLONE for a REAL Jersey sub.

Remember John Kerry campaigning in South Philly in 2004, and he went for a cheesesteak....and PUT SWISS CHEESE ON IT?

In my opinion, that Swiss cheese gave George Bush a second term.

My cautionary tale is over.

Mangia!!!!! Eat your heart out, John Boehner!


Sue said...

OH how fun for NJ!! Wish I lived nearby I'd love to share a sub with the Prez!

Hey how come you don't call them hoagies? Where I grew up in Gloucester it was hoagie, then I moved just a country below and it was a whole other world! It was subs and I was told I had an accent! LOL!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- the sub/hoagie thing defines North Jersey/ South Jersey more than artificial boundaries do. Also, if you go into a sports bar on a football Sunday and there are more Eagle fans than Giant or Jet fans, SURPRISE! You're officially in South Jersey.

Hoagies have mayo on them, and subs don't....

Governor Christie will meet the President at Newark Liberty Airport but will not be having lunch with him at Tastee Subs.

You can insert your own joke.

Sue said...

exactly! I am in S. Jersey, home of the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers, Subs, and anything Philly. You are in N. Jersey, aren't you??

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- actually I live in Central Jersey, Middlesex County, "The Crossroads". For some reason the "Feedjit" identifies me as being from Egg Harbor Township (South Jersey by AC) when I use Firefox, but gets it right with I switch to Internet Explorer of Google Chrome. Go figure.

In this area we get both New York and Philly TV and news, and have fans of both city's sports teams, but I'd say its 80% New York centric here. If you go 15 miles down the road to Princeton its about 50-50, and seven miles beyond that in Trenton its 80% Philly based. Even the accent is different...."Color" becomes "keller" in Philly/South Jersey., for example.

Sue said...

we're all about Philly here in Salem County as you can imagine. It was waaaaater in Gloucester, here it's wooooter! Such a small state to have such diversity!

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