Thursday, July 15, 2010

Limbaugh "Eulogizes" George Steinbrenner; Part II, The "Explanation" (Huh?)

In an attempt to explain his words on the death of George Steinbrenner to an internet site, Rush Limbaugh has only made what he initially said just a bit more bizarre, controversial.....and just a little more whacky.

And of course, he injected more racial overtones into the "discussion"....are there really only three members in the New Black Panther Party ?

Anyway, Limbaugh's rant earned him a place on Keith Olberman's Worst Persons list last night on COUNTDOWN, along with the omnipresent Sharon Angle (GOP candidate for Senate in Nevada), and some blond with no eyebrows who thinks a Glenn Beck presidential run should be mentioned in the same breath with George Washington.

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UK said...

Madden is sympathetic to Steinbrenner and his personal like and respect for the man clearly comes through. That does NOT mean that he is not fair or objective, he certainly is. Steinbrenner's many good deeds toward people, even those who he fired, ripped, or treated badly are well-documented here (and there are probably numerous other cases and charities that Madden did not include).

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