Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Limbaugh "Eulogizes" George Steinbrenner; Those Were Accolades.....Weren't They?

America's gasbag strikes again!

While mentioning the death of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, Rush Limbaugh managed to find a way to get a racial angle into it.

What seems amazing to me is on an MSNBC message board the usual "Dittoheads" lined up in Rush's defense.....but do these geniuses realize that the term "cracker" is usually a pejorative used to describe poor whites, mainly from the South? And George Steinbrenner, dead less than 48 hours, is being trashed by Limbaugh, who either consciously chose not to show proper respect for this iconic American because it's "good theater", or he doesn't have the brains or the good manners to know better.

Also, Limbaugh's inferences about Steinbrenner's racial politics.....making ballplayers of color rich while firing white managers "left and right"....are something straight out of an old ALL IN THE FAMILY script. Had Archie Bunker been with us today he'd be an AM talk show host with a 10.0 share. For now, people of his ilk will just have to settle for Rush.

And as for Mr. Limbaugh....the only thing more disturbing than his words are his apologists.

So click the video below (if you dare), and hear Mighty Mouth at his worst.

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Sverige said...

Bill Madden writes a rollicking and very funny book on the life and times of Yankees owner George M. Steinbrenner. You will laugh and cringe at the same time readin this book, George ruled with an iron fist and it hit everyone.Very entertaining and insightful, also bings back memories and names from the past, some u may have forgotten about. Great book.

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