Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron's Circus Goes To The Center Ring

By all accounts, LeBron James is a pretty good guy....but I'll cut to the chase anyway; I'm as sick of the LeBron free agent sideshow as just about anyone on the planet.

Ever since Mr. James opted for free agency, we've had speculation about where the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar will playing next; in Chicago, where he could compete on the same floor as his idol Michael Jordan did, and perhaps return the Bulls to past glory.

Or to New Jersey, to turn around the moribund Nets.....perhaps to New York and Madison Square Garden, basketball's Mecca, which in recent years has become an elephant's graveyard, where fading stars come to pick up paychecks on bad teams with clueless ownership.

Of course there's Miami, where Chris Bosh will being teaming with the returning Dwayne Wade.

Or, he could stay in Cleveland where he is not just King James; He is The Anointed One. If The Blessed Trinity were ever to be expanded to a Quartet, shrines to Lebron James- complete with relics- would saturate all of Northeastern Ohio, with a mythology and tales of miracles and healings gushing forth like waters from a spring.

But alas, it already has gotten to be tooooo much.

Tomorrow night Lebron will make (supposedly) the announcement of where he will play basketball in the future, in a special hour long program on ESPN, hosted by Jim Gray, scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday night. Spur of the moment programming? I don't think so. This was probably in the works for a long, long time. And I'll be very surprised if there are not one or more new LeBron commercials for the various products he has a contract with.

This is the culmination of weeks of speculation, and announcements that no announcement was forthcoming. If you thought the annual Brett Favre "will he or won't he" pressers were mindblowing time wasters, these past few weeks of LeBron sightings, subtle clues, rallies for him to come, rallies for him to stay, billionaires and elected officials groveling at his feet were theater of the absurd that no screenwriter could conjure up....he wouldn't be able to sell the script.

Anyway tomorrow the waiting will be all over......the NBA will officially cease to be a sport and become a reality show. But it probably was all along.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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