Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Hot? I Don't Believe It Either!

If you're reading this entry in another country or some other cool, comfortable place, we in the Northeastern United States are experiencing a major heat wave. It was 100 degrees yesterday, and its expected to top that today.

We're well on our way; at 9:30am in Central New Jersey its already 92 degrees.

The plan for today is to keep the outside plants watered, stay cool and hydrated, and make sure we don't lose power- that means shutting down the computer and any unnecessary electrical devices until the evening.

How hot was it yesterday? Two hawks landed in my front yard, and started playing in the sprinklers....this respite tended to make other birds (and squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits) pretty nervous. I took some pics but the birds were too far away; they could have been pigeons on steroids.

Be back in the PM.

Stay cool!


I used some editing software to enhance the shots I took of the hawks, and cropped it down a bit. They were about 25 feet away and content to stay there, not intimidated by me, and stayed put as long as I kept my distance. I moved a few feet closer for a better shot and they were airborne.

Click the photo for a closer look.


Sue said...

OMG it's sickening HOT!! I feel pity for those who have to work outside and wear special heavy clothing. My AC is blasting, can't even put it above 70 or I can't breathe! lol! I HATE "SUMMER IN THE CITY", even tho I love that Oldie.....

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

It reached 103 today; the record for the hottest day EVER was 106, sometime in the 1930's.

So far this year we had the snowiest month in history (February), the wettest March on record (complete with two Nor'easters that uprooted thousands of trees in the state), no rain for the past three weeks- including three separate official heatwaves- and 100 degrees yesterday (unofficially) and 103 today (officially).....with no break in sight until the weekend at the earliest.

Does anyone still think climate change is a....."theory"?

BTW....water restrictions went into affect one half hour after I got done watering.

My lawn owes me one.

Anonymous said...

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