Friday, July 30, 2010

Anthony Weiner ; The Day After The Tirade

Anthony Weiner, Democratic Congressman from New York's Ninth District, went on a tirade on the House floor after a bill that would have set aside a multi billion dollar fund for 9/11 responders and others affected failed to proceed through the House.

Much of his wrath was directed against his co-sponsor on the bill, Long Island Republican Peter King. In this interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, sitting in for Chris Matthews on HARDBALL, Weiner admits that his once cordial working relationship with King has, to say the least, reached a snag.

And he calls out the GOP as "The Party of No!"......only 12 Republicans voted in support of the bill. Twelve Republicans, that's all, voted to help fund the medical expenses of those who responded to a city's and a nation's cry for help on that tragic day, September 11, 2001. Remember, these responders were not only from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut....they came from all over the country. The "no" votes from Red State Republicans probably affected some of that Congressperson's very own constituents.

Weiner makes a point about the Democratic approach in legislating ...."Sometimes we as Democrats bring library books to a knife fight".

The ghost of Lyndon Johnson is probably smiling because of this guy, telling it like it is.


Sue said...

My guy Weiner! I made a mistake, I said this video was on the Ed Show. I'll leave a comment on my post for those who want to see the explaination about the outburst by Weiner, from Weiner himself, to come here and watch!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Sue, thanks. Gloria Borger on CNN had the best analysis about just how bad things are in Congress these days.....if the Democrats were to have a resolution "that the sky is blue", Republicans would try to block it just because it came from the Dems.

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