Thursday, July 1, 2010

104,856 "Thank You's" !!!!

It's been exactly one year since I installed the Flag Counter widget on the blog, and I just wanted to say thanks to the 104,856 (and counting) different visitors to this site in that year, from more than 150 nations....I never knew there were that many countries! I'm getting a refresher course in geography and running a blog concurrently.

We'll never challenge HUFFINGTON POST, THE DAILY BEAST, or any of the mega-sites....we're a staff of one, run by an idiot from Jersey who is appreciative for anyone who takes time to read his stuff. And the response has been more than I ever could have imagined.

Thanks again....tell your friends, your kids, even your black sheep cousins about this blog....even if they are Republicans.


Sue said...

wow Hugh thats amazing!! I'm coming up on my first year anniversary and am proud to have just over 20,000 views! LOL! I thought that was pretty damn good for a non writer like my self PLUS a Jersey girl to boot! lmao!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- but you have 20,000 PASSIONATE readers who are into politics. My larger volume of readers is largely quiet and more often than not "one and done".

The topics that got the most reaction here are entertainment and personality related....three of the most popular ones were the final episode of MONK, HBO's THE PACIFIC (and the three men who's story were the centerpiece) and...."Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady"!

And don't sell yourself short as a writer and a communicator...few are as dedicated and passionate as you are to your beliefs, and fewer have a more loyal and entertaining group of followers.

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