Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Back! (Not That Anyone Really Cares!!!)


I leave for a little more than a week's vacation, and here's what happened!

One of these two scenarios is ABSOLUTELY true.

I was sailing off the coast of Madagascar in route to the World Cup in South Africa when I was shipwrecked by a waterspout. I swam to shore on a remote island where I was captured by Somali pirates and held for ransom (at least a couple of hundred bucks- times are tough for these guys). I was rescued by a beautiful CIA operative who gave me a weapon and we shot our way out of the pirate stronghold, while I grabbed a briefcase full of money on the way out (at least a zillion dollars was inside...yeah, that's the ticket). Nadia (that's her name) decided to quit her job; she couldn't live without me.....we're getting married this afternoon at 6:30 PM EDT; it has to be a quickie ceremony- I'm old, set in my ways and I refuse to miss 60 MINUTES.


I visited my brother and my sister in law in a town between Cleveland and Akron, with guest appearances of my nephew (and his vanishing act), and my niece and her husband of almost two years. My parents came along for the trip as well. Oh yeah...I did have recreation time for me in a nearby National Park (free of any oil spills.

I just noticed that we're getting about 300 new readers a day here in my absence without me writing one darn thing. So much for racking my brain for new material.

Heck....I think I'll take the rest of the summer off!

Gotta tux are ready!


TomCat said...

You really don't expect us to believe that BS about visiting a national park, do you? ;-)

Welcome home.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...


And I was attacked by a deer....a maneater!

And rabid!

Still....I lived to talk about it!

Sue said...

Hey dude where's my T shirt???

So much has happened in your absence, welcome back, now get to work!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hello, Ms Sue!!!

I'm still in the process of getting it together (in REAL life) after more than a week away....a whole lotta dirty laundry, plants to water, and grass to cut....but will resume posting soon, sometime tonight.

BTW....I did get you a tee shirt!

Click here for a peek!

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