Friday, June 4, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Disaster; "Nyuk! Nyuk... Nuke! Nuke!"

"Imagine the Three Stooges with nukes"......Professor Michie Kaku on using a nuclear weapon to seal off the oil leak in the Gulf.

BP claims to be "encouraged" by it's latest effort to cap the massive oil leak caused by the sunken Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, as President Obama makes another visit to check on the progress- or lack there of- by the oil giant in the worst environmental disaster in US history.

Previously BP was encouraged by their effort to "top kill" the leak, before admitting failure last week. The latest plan, "cut and cap", will not stop the leak, only contain it until relief wells can be drilled. The United States government has handed BP a bill of $69 million for cost incurred so far....but obviously a price tag cannot be put on catastrophe of this magnitude.

Last night on COUNTDOWN Keith Olbermann hosted Prof. Michie Kaku of City College of New York, and discussed the idea of "nuking" the well to seal it.

Great idea....radioactive oil and tar balls washing up on America's beaches from Texas to Cape Cod. Did the guys who thought of this idea ever hear of Chernobyl?

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