Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BP Oil Disaster Is Worse Than Anything Imagined

I watched COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann the last hour, with guest John L. Wathen, the Alabama conservationist and activist, the "Hurricane Creekkeeper" who accompanied a pilot on a flight over the oil spill affected areas of the Gulf of Mexico. What he saw was a marine version of Dante's Inferno, with dead and dying dolphins, perhaps 100 or more, whales covered with tar balls, fires on the water surface, a toxic air for hundreds of square miles.

It has become obvious that the level of this disaster is larger than anything that BP has fessed up to, or what the government has prepared the American people for.

Mr. Wathen asks the question, "Will the Gulf ever be the same again?"

Sadly, the situation seems to have gone from the dire to the impossible.

Here's more from his interview with Keith Olbermann.

John Wathen's blog is There is much more information, commentary, and videos available.

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