Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Hits for May 7.....and 8th, 2010; Betty White, SNL, and a Plum for Heigl

Its another one of those days with much to talk about, and so very little time. So here I am again, copping out with QUICK HITS.

(1). Here's a thought someone called "Hugh Jee" had on TWITTER last night...."Being "de-citizenized" by Joe Lieberman's proposed "Strip The Suspected Terrorist Law"; is that kind of like being "unfriended" on FACEBOOK?".

The guy has something there, heh?

(2) So the DOW plummeted 1,000 points in less than an hour, supposedly because someone transposed 16 billion for 16 million on the future's market? Don't you think its a little too easy for one person to do some serious damage to the the economies of this nation and the world- and to millions of little guy investors? If one person could do this with a mistake, what about someone with ill intent, like foreign or domestic terrorists, or someone just doing it because they want to do it. Another case for some serious Wall Street reform, and some competent eyes to watch what's going down.

(3).Katherine Heigl of "Grey's Anatomy" fame has landed The Plum role. And "Plum" should be capitalized. Ms. Heigl will star in One For The Money, the screen adaptation of the first of a series of novels by Janet Evanovich about Trenton (New Jersey) based bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, murder mysteries that are more comic than procedural. The sixteenth entry in the Plum series, Sizzling Sixteen, will be released on June 22.

My only question is...what took so long? These novels are fun, are an easy escapist read (I have read the first 10, so I have some catching up to do), and hit home for me on several levels. I was born in the Chambersburg section of Trenton where the novels take place. Stephanie is of Italian-Hungarian decent (as am I). My Grandpa used to drive a huge blue 1953 Buick like the one owned by Uncle Sandor in the novels (Stephanie Plum is really hard on cars- she either totals one or has one blow up in every book). And I have certain family members who closely resemble that of Stephanie Plum- though my grandmothers were not as zany as Steph's Grandma Mazur. About 10 years ago I thought Sandra Bullock should play Stephanie, but as she approached 40, I switched support to Jennifer Aniston (Steph is perpetually 30 years old in the books).

As for boyfried Joe Morelli and mysterious tough guy Ranger, it will be interesting to see how the casting goes. But two people I'd love to see in the supporting cast of any future Plum mysteries; Queen Latifah as Lula (Steph's street wise former working girl BFF), and America's Grandma, Betty White as whacky Grandma Mazur. And any character who goes to funeral homes to pick up grieving old geezers is a bit whack-a-doo....and inventive, I suppose.

A long pause here....continuing the blog entry a mere 36 hours after starting it...I told you I've been busy. Hate it when people don't update their sites...I have a responsibility to give you guys information whether you want it or not. You've been warned.

(4). Now......where was I? Oh yeah! Speaking of Betty White. She's hosting SNL tonight. And who woulda thunk it? At 88, she isn't the oldest person to appear on Saturday Night Live. SNL's announcer Don Pardo, who has been with the show for all but one of its 35 years on NBC, has celebrated his 92nd birthday last February. But the oldest guest ever on SNL was probably composer-pianist Eubie Blake. On March 10, 1979 Mr. Blake guested on SNL, which was hosted by Gary Busey that night. Depending on your source, Eubie Blake was either 96 or 92 in 1979, though his 100 birthday was celebrated shortly before his death in 1983.

At any rate, below is the video of Mr. Blake's appearance on SNL in 1979, with the great and sadly missed Gregory Hines singing. Hines died much too young at age 57 in 2003.

Gregory Hines - Eubie Blake

Macgoddess | MySpace Video

(5). And finally....Happy Mother's day to all of the Moms reading this. And to all you guys who still haven't gotten anything....there's always the fresh cut flowers at the all night supermarkets. Have fun!


Queen Bea said...

I love Janet Evanovich! I don't much care for Katherine Heigl, so I'm not amused with the casting choice. Stephanie is supposed to be likable.

And Betty White has the sweetest muffins!!! :-)


TomCat said...

That's more than enough insanity for one week, Hugh.

Happy Mothers Day!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

QB- I fell to the floor when Betty did the NPR "muffin" sketch with Ana and Molly...I wonder how many smart asses had a good laugh this morning at Perkins Family Restaurants with their "Mammoth Muffins"?

As for Ms. Heigl....she's beautiful, but I'm not really sold on her as Stephanie either. BTW, Janet Evanovich was a Douglas College grad (part of Rutgers) and is in their HOF. And yes, I was born in The Burg, and lived on Butler Street for the first year of my life. Old school Italians, then and now. was a crazy week. Almost too much to try and follow, so after awhile I just said to hell with it, and started to do things in the real world that I could control.

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