Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is the BIG TEN About To Get Supersized?

Its another of those days when I really don't want to talk about politics, I did a TV review yesterday, touched on books and films this past weekend....so let's look and listen to a possible shakeup in the world of college sports.

Yesterday I report on a radio station in Kansas City said that the BIG TEN, which has been talking expansion for sometime, is indeed going to expand. And according to the report the candidates for expansion are; Nebraska and Missouri from the BIG TWELVE, Rutgers from the BIG EAST, and football independent Notre Dame.

Pat Forde talked to Dana Jacobson today on ESPN First Take.

So the BIG TEN, which now has 11 teams, could expand to as many as 16 teams, and stretch across the landscape from New Brunswick, NJ to Lincoln Nebraska, two time zones. Or, according to GOOGLE MAPS, 1,307 miles and 20 hours 56 minutes by car....but its a pretty straight shot on I-80.

I'm game.

When do we start?


  I'll drive the first 300 miles!

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