Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating The 21st Anniversary of My 39th Birthday; The Sequel

Yesterday was a milestone birthday for me, and I wanted to thank all those who left comments here, or on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or emailed me, sent cards, or phoned me with their good wishes, it was much appreciated. Last night I had a great night out with the family and had a special time, one I won't soon forget.

While I was away celebrating "Six-OH!", something was happening on this blog, which I discovered late this morning. On a day in which I was reaching a milestone in life, this blog reached yet another milestone.

The previous record for total visitors to this blog in a 24 hour period had been 644 on October 15, 2009, with 528 being "unique" visitors. I'll just refer to them as "first timers" or "newbies". When I was a kid, those referred to "unique" people were usually social outcasts, one step away from joining a carnival sideshow.

Oh what the heck...they were 528 virgins. I can say that...well, can't I? after all, this is MY blog.

But anyway....this morning I checked yesterday's stats, which are usually completed at 9PM the previous night.

And on my birthday this blog crushed the old daily record for visitors in one day.

On May 3, 2010 UT&MR had 1,306 total viewers, with 1,027 being first timers....this blog doubled its previous day's best total. And we owe most of it to John and Lena Basilone, and to HBO, and to THE PACIFIC. John Basilone, the hero of Guadalcanal, became the most queried subject of this blog ever.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to check the reviews of THE PACIFIC, and for all of your other queries. Your interest in what we do was probably the most surprising- and a little belated- present of them all.

Thanks again. And come back soon.

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