Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of My 39th Birthday

I hit a milestone today, one that I have been in denial of for quite some time. If anyone's looked at my PROFILE you'll notice that I never made my age public. I guess I did have some issue with it....and possibly I still do.

But its time to fess up.

I was born on May 3, 1950.....that's exactly 60 years ago today, to any of you guys who are deficient in math skills. And if we can believe the government statistics, that constitutes a whole lot of people.


Yes it used to scare the crap out of me too. As in, "Man, you really are older than dirt!".

And honestly, it never really dawned on me until last month. One night I couldn't sleep, so I put on the TV- I can't say "tube' anymore; there are no more TV tubes. There was very little on, so I put on VH1 CLASSIC; they were showing THE DAVID CASSIDY STORY- oh great!

But the selections were so limited i stuck with old David's story....and it wasn't all that bad. It will never be spoken of in the same terms given to biopics like GANDHI, but it was watchable, and even entertaining.

But I soon discovered that the reason the movie was being shown was because it was David Cassidy's birthday. He turned 60 that day.

Impossible! You can't have a 60 year old David Cassidy! That's soooooo friggin' old! John Wayne can never REALLY die; Johnny Cash's voice can never be silenced; and David Cassidy can't be 60.

But it was true....he was. And so would I be in a few short weeks.

I've come to reconcile myself to the fact that I ain't so young no more....though I don't look or act it, but sometimes feel it creeping up. And all I have to do is think about the millions of people every year who will not make it past 16.

It makes 60 seem like a pretty good run.

There are some advantages to hitting this milestone. Now I can be excused for acting like a crabby old man on occasion, because now I am one.

And I suppose I'll finally start opening that AARP junk mail I've been getting for ten years now. I used to send them back, then i just trashed them. If they can get me an oceanview room at a reduced rate, I guess its worth it.

Oh well.


Sue said...

Holy Cow Hugh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Old Guy"!! Just kiddin ya, you know 60 is the old 40! When I turned 50 I was SOOOO depressed I could not even say the word fifty for the longest time. God help me when I turn 60, but my friend reminds me its just a number and we need to be thankful we are still here having birthdays! She's right! But damn, I do not wanna be 60....

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music....

David Cassidy, my boyfriend, is 60 too?? NO WAY!!

JUDI M. said...

Happy birthday, Hugh. See, we baby boomers really are relevant no matter what these Gen-xers might think. I think we've done a darn fine job of bridging "both worlds." Learn from the past, enjoy today, and hope to make a better tomorrow. And keep writing good posts.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Thank you Sue and Judi!

I was being serious about David Cassidy. Certain people are not supposed to get old, or die, or turn into crazy old farts. And I never really dwelt on turning 60 until I saw the movie and was reminded that Cassidy was 60 as well.

As for being scared of aging...I was once, but not anymore. All you have to do is look at a pediatric cancer unit, or a Ronald McDonald House, and see kids and their parents just wanting them to make it to adulthood....60 and beyond becomes a blessing.

And I think at certain point you really start to appreciate the small things just a little bit more. Who knows- maybe I am "The Poor Man's Jeff Bridges"- still searching for my Maggie Gyllenhall (Yep,I'm a crazy old fart with a really Crazy Heart!).

Thanks again ladies!

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