Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A2A Deux; Season 2 of ASHES To ASHES Debuts on BBC AMERICA

At last!

One of the few things actually worth watching on TV has managed to swim across the pond and make it to BBC America. Its the long awaited Season Two of ASHES To ASHES.

And yes, I know that Series Three is already airing in the UK, but I've decided to delay gratification and just stick with the show in its American presentations and not cheat and read any information on what has gone down plot wise so far. I guess I just have to prove to myself that I do have some semblance of self discipline left in these tired old bones.

Anyway, I'll get to the bad stuff first....and first among my gripes is the delay itself. Originally A2A Season Two was to be telecast in America a few weeks after its UK run....then BBC America backed out on it, and I think they decided to go with BEING HUMAN, a good series, but aren't we getting a bit overdone with the sexy young vampire thing? I liked seeing A2A late on Saturday nights....I'd watch it at 11PM or 1AM, and blog about it the next day, Sunday, before going about my day of rest (if you can believe that). It was all fresh in my mind, I had time to sit and write without feeling like I had a time clock sitting next to me. The second problem I have with the presentation itself is that its on Tuesdays only, with a few repeats, so if you miss it or don't record it, that's it. And so far, A2A Season 2 has not been made available ON DEMAND (at least through COMCAST).

So....if the powers that be are reading this...maybe you can tweek your schedule a bit to make the series available to more fans- and does BBC America really need to be showing twenty year old episodes of STAR TREK; The Next Generation and even older James Bond movies almost every night?

OK...those are my beefs.

Now for the good stuff....most importantly- Keeley has new hair!!!

Ahhhh. The wonderful 1980's I hated them then, but miss them so incredibly much now.

Check out the video, with a heavy dose of Duran Duran, and a mildly cross dressing- and more than a little dead- police officer.

Alex, Gene, Ray and Chris (Keeley Hawes, Philip Glenister, Dean Andrews, and Marshall Lancaster) investigate the apparent death by asphyxiation in a London strip club of vice cop Sean Irvine. But what really happened was Irvine was murdered by his partner, who was on the take....Sean had been keeping a ledger of all of the illegal activities. And as a side bar issue, the squad's boss was sleeping with Irvine's widow.

At the beginning of the episode, we see nurses in 2009 in a hospital talking about the missing Alex Drake. They seem to be working on a patient, but the viewer can't tell who the patient is. Then in the next scene we see Alex in 1982 watching TV, when she sees the image of Molly talking to her principal at school. Molly is upset about her missing mother, and has difficulty co-operating in school. Later on in the episode Alex is taken prisoner by a mysterious man who straps the unconscious Alex to a table, is in the processes of starting to torture her when Gene comes to her rescue. The mystery man wants to know what time traveler Alex is doing in 1982....and all Alex really wants to do is to get back to her daughter in the present day.

As usual, the sci-fi/fantasy elements to the show were much more appealing and intriguing than the procedural crime drama its packaged in. And that's the reason we keep watching- keep piecing together the clues of what really happened in Alex Drake....heaven, hell, someplace in between, in the netherworld before death, or is all of this an alternate universe that she's slipped into?

Obviously we won't find out the answers in Season 2, and it seems that the big payoff will be in Season Three since it will be the last series of A2A.

So....I'll have to just stay tuned.

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