Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party Comes To Town

Its happened in my backyard. Practically.

As reported in this morning's Home News Tribune, Tea Party activists had a picnic in Babbage Park, North Brunswick, NJ yesterday despite the cloudy and rainy weather. About 50 people were there, most of whom appeared to be Republicans. From what I gather at least one of the attendees was Republican candidate for Middlesex County Sheriff, Keith B. Hackett, as well as Republican candidates for county freeholder and North Brunswick township council.

Also among those who were at the picnic was African American Barbara Summers, who in the past has been a guest on Glenn Beck's show on FOX NEWS.

She is reported to have said the following....

“The tea party people are not racist. I'm here. I'm very, very militant and I would never stand for that. I feel welcome when I come here."

It was never disclosed in the article how many of the other 50 attendees were members of ethnic minorities.

Some of the things they allegedly talked about were the size of government, healthcare, and taxes. But the article points out President Obama was not the most mentioned individual at the picnic. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was.

Quoting one attendee (by the HOME NEWS TRIBUNE)....

"If we look at our governor, I compare him to George Washington.He made it to Trenton. We got to get the rest of the troops there."

Hmmmm. Don't you think its a bit premature? Comparing a governor who's been in office only three months to the man who beat the Hessians at Trenton, the British at Princeton and Yorktown, survived brutal winters with his troops at Valley Forge and Morristown.....and just happened to be elected as our first President?

Get that space on Mount Rushmore ready.

What if the Gov was magically transformed to George Washington? What would that look like?

How about.........

Finding the uniform was the easy part. The powdered wig? Well....they just don't make 'em like they used to. Thank goodness for PHOTOSHOP.

Click here to read more about the Tea Party picnic in North Brunswick.


Sue said...

Hugh!! LOL! Christie as Washington, what a joke. It's just getting worse and worse every day. We need that sign "Miss me yet?" with Corzines picture on it going on up and down the turnpike! lol

Hmmmm, 50 teabaggers touting Christie, how amusing are they.....

I hear the baggers are sinking, I believe it!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I could go into a diatribe of the unintended consequences of the decisions of the Christie administration, chief among them the reduction of state aid to the towns- but it really wouldn't hit home with most people.

Do you when it will?

Probably when the towns- which will have cut as much as possible, mainly school budgets- decide to cut the most expensive school program they have; high school football. Maybe that's when blue collar Joe Six Pack New Jersey "gets it".

New Jersey residents want home rule, and they want low property taxes. The bottom line is you can't have both. Republicans say reduce spending and cut taxes at the state level, then the difference has to be made up at the local level, or else cut. Its either or.

I'll write something more extensive about this later....its a problem that's 300 years in the making, and it won't be solved with my little old blog posts.

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