Thursday, April 1, 2010

Senator Blanche Lincoln Ran Ads Saying She Supported AND Opposed Healthcare Reform

In keeping with today's April Fool's Day theme, its another one of those things that only seem to happen in the circus we call American Politics.

From Keith Olbermann on COUNTDOWN and his Worst Persons In The World- Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln. Senator Lincoln has run ads in Arkansas telling her TV audience that she was opposed to the public option and healthcare reform (she voted against it, and also against the fixes after the Bill was returned to the Senate after it was passed by the House). But now Lincoln is running ads saying that she stood by the President for the passage of healthcare reform.

(As a sidebar when you GOOGLE Search "Blanche Lincoln", one of the sponsored links is, which is dedicated to the repeal of "Obamacare".)

Ahhh....with friends like Senator Blanche.....

Also included in the "Worst Persons", old reliables Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh.

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