Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pardon Me! I've Been Interupted by The REAL World!

Some Off The Cuff Commentary

To those of you who have dropped by to read one or more of my nearly 1,000 blog posts and were expecting some nuggets of my demented wisdom over the past few days and have felt a sense of relief that I haven't said anything too stupid in at least three or four days...have I got news for you.

Well...not really big fact, nothing earth shaking at all.

Here's what's been happening....first Easter weekend. I was pretty involved in entertaining on Sunday and did some prep work starting last Friday, so any writing was put on hold, thinking I'd get back to it sometime on Monday.

Then we got a phone brother was in town, so we hooked up for a great dinner for Dad on his 83rd birthday (Monday)....and Tuesday we got together for an early, early breakfast before he hit the trail.

The computer stayed off (and resting comfortably) for more that 48 hours, until just about an hour ago...and to be honest, it was a relaxing break from blogging.

It was a good time spent with family and friends, which in many cases are one and the same....and it was something I needed; probably much more than I had realized. I'll very likely take one week off in June for a a quick vacation, to parts UNKNOWN.

So....consider my hiatus over. I'll be back on a more regular schedule, with my weekly review of THE PACIFIC (several days late) coming up tomorrow- I didn't even see Episode 4 until yesterday, plus there was a lot of basketball to watch over the weekend as well.

Thanks for being patient, my throng of one dozen or so regulars....

Back with more stuff on Thursday.

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