Friday, April 2, 2010

OK, So Who's Next? Delaney C. Walsh .....(Original Recipe; Don't Get Fooled Again)

She sings like Roger minus the microphone lasso, she plays Pete's air guitar, air bass like Thunderfingers, and air drums better than Moon the Loon....not to mention Dave Arbus' fiddle part and even Townshend's high harmony..........

Yes, its our ole TWITTER pal Delaney C Walsh (well she's not REALLY old- its just an expression). And she has her own karaoke rendition of the Who's classic Baba O'Riley....and no, Baba is not related to Bill O'Reilly. Baba did change the spelling of his surname name at Ellis I've been told.

Hate to disappoint the many Faux Noise fans who grace these pages

And don't even mention Jeff Beck in the same sentence with Glenn Beck either!

Yeah, there I go again with my usual left wing bias. I can't help it...its in my DNA. Back to the original point of this post.

Anyway....check out Delaney on My Space and follow her on Twitter.

But first, check out the video....and follow the instructions carefully, or else NO PEEPS for Easter!


Delaney said...

haha! I love you Hugh! You never fail to write awesome stuff that makes me smile. I'll continue my antics in hopes of doing the same for you! :) ROCK ON!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey write-up wasn't THAT awesome....was it?

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