Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Big Secret Is Out!

I have wanted to talk about this to my readers for several months now, and its time. Many of you know that I was an Air Force veteran. While serving my country, I discovered something about myself.

That is....I am not really me.

I wanted to be a I did it.

The first phase is over- as you can see in the picture above, the estrogen therapy has worked. "Eugenia" will have to live with those "pesky round things" for a year or so, until its time for snip-snip.

Anyway, its time for Jeanne Bice and QUACKER FACTORY on QVC. I just LOVE her bandanna, must have one.

Does anyone have an idea about where to by swimwear for a lady of a "certain age"...its so funny having to say that! I hope this isn't too much for some of my long time readers to take...but if it is, there is only one more thing I want to say....

(Sigh) don't you feel stupid for even bothering to read this idiotic post?

I would!

Have a good one!!!!

BTW....the song leading off the PLAYLIST- "The April Fool" by Pete Townshend and the late, great Ronnie Lane (formerly of Small Faces and Faces).


Anonymous said...

Too bad Sue won't let you guys read most of the comments left on her blog.

Sue said...

I was gonna say thanks for the much needed laugh Hugh, then I saw lisa's comment. Or maybe its not lisa, maybe it was that rude guy who left me a really nasty mean comment and he knows me from your blog, Hugh. It's a pitiful shame, I'm sorry....

Linda said...

Hugh Jee we always knew you were a secret fan of Jeanne and are one of her Quackers. Viva la headband!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue-in immortal words of "Mork from Ork"..."Humor-ARGH ARGH!". Faggeddaboutit!!!!

Linda- Remember; "The Bice Is Right".

Anon....Are you really THE Lisa? You look so much different on TV!

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