Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karen Gillan -Who's In The Tardis With The Doctor?

Q- Who's Karen Gillan?
A- The Doctor's companion.
Q- Who?
A- That's right!
Q- What's right?
A- Who!
Q- I wanna know! Who's Karen Gillan?
A- THE DOCTOR'S friend!
Q- What Doctor?
A- Who!
Q- What's the Doctor's name?
A- No....WHO!!!!!

Sorry about the Abbott and Costello revisited routine...sometimes I can't help myself.

Anyway...I'm in one of those moods when I want to veer away from social commentary and politics (to save my sanity). I was deciphering my GOOGLE Webmaster Tools, checking out how many people are logging on to this blog, what they are reading, and what they are looking for. And some times I find some bizarre info about this blog....like UT&MR appearing on searches for people I have never heard of. It happened several times this past monthly cycle...and I apologize to all of the guys logging in looking for pictures in the altogether of (insert your favorite hottie) because Hugh Jee don't play that!

Last week the name "Karen Gillan" popped up in my stats....and I had no clue who she was or is. Around midnight on Saturday I put on BBC America to check the newest episode of Dr. Who- it was time for a new Doctor, #11, played by Matt Smith.

And playing his latest companion, Amy Pond, was the young (22) Scottish actress Karen Gillan.

I could be wrong....but I don't believe the Doctor has ever had a red haired companion. It's about time.

Here's Karen's interview on one of those British "chat shows".

For the record....my favorite Doctor was Tom Baker, and companion Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane.....

Yep...I really am THAT OLD!


Anonymous said...

WHAT?? Did you forget Donna? She had red hair! And she was the last companion before Amy!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if Mel was a 'natural redhead' but she was ginger in the show.

I guess Dr. Who should be happy he has a ginger companion since he's "Still not ginger."

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Anon(s).....I don't know if Mel or Donna were "natural" redheads or became auburn through cosmetology. At any rate, the color on my old TV is so off I thought they were both light brown!

This little throw away post is really amazing. I've posted more than 1,200 entries since this blog's inception, and this one is a solid #4 alltime in popularity. and not all the visitors are from the UK...or Scotland (to be precise)....or are probably not redhaired either.

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