Friday, April 9, 2010

Jesse Ventura On Palin and Bachmann- "They're Puppets"

Former Governor of Minnesota (and former WWF wrestler, commentator, and actor) Jesse Ventura was his usual outspoken tell-it-like-it is self on an appearance on Joy Behar's talkfest on HLN. Along with journalist Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, Ventura talked about the two sweethearts of the Republican Right, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann......and decrying the "dumbing down" of America he quipped what many critics have been saying for some time now; namely, that Bachmann and Palin are "puppets".

Ventura's and Taibbi's comments followed Palin and Bachmann appearance before a rally of 11,000 supporters, after which they were interviewed by friend and ally Sean Hannity.


Sue said...

This is a great video Hugh. I never remember to watch Joy, I like her! I'm watching Jesse right now hosting Larry King show. He has Ron Paul on and lots of good political talk going on. Jesse is so right about the dumbing down of America and those moron woman being used as puppets for the GOP. The GOP would would be dead if it wasn't for their followers of stupid Americans. They need their supporters as dumb as possible so they can get away with their horrific antics. Pathetic for sure!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- And there's more Jesse this coming Friday with Bill Maher on!

Yeah, these guys screaming about wanting to get the country back to what the Founding Fathers intended (not that they can ever be specific) in the Constitution....does that include having the vote for only white property owning males? Or having the person who comes in second in a presidential election serve as vice-president? How about having all Senators chosen by state legislatures?

The bottom line....too many Tea Baggers are great for bumper sticker lines and making signs, and flying the "Don't Tread On Me" flags, but have little else to contribute. And if Palin and Bachmann are among their leaders- well, I think Custer would have a better chance at Little Big Horn than the GOP/Tea Bag Coalition would in a general election.

Malcolm said...

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann (aka Romy and Michelle, 20 years later) are two prime examples of what's wrong with the GOP. I am constantly amused at how conservative bloggers will defend these two no matter what stupid things they do or say. Their supporters have all sorts of reasons as to why we don't like Palin and Bachmann (their attractive, conservative mothers with strong Christian values). No, we don't like them because they are morons w/ whacked out ideas who lie on a regular basis. Please... let Palin and Bachmann get the Republican nod to run against Obama/Biden in 2012.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

True Palin and Bachmann are idiots, but at least Palin has become a rich idiot.

Like $12 million since she quit her governorship of Alaska...

"To doggedly persist at all costs...a virtue?" Palinology you follow the dollar signs, and give your constituents the Italian Helping Hand Salute as you exit.

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