Sunday, April 18, 2010

George Washington racks up late fees at NY library | Odd Headlines |

From the time we were little kids we were told that The Father of Our Country could not tell a lie, had a thing about cutting down cherry trees, and liked to throw silver dollars across the Potomac.....probably the first case of money being wasted in The District.

But George Washington had a lot more in common with Everyman than we were ever told.

Old George, it seems, did something that many of us have done in the past.....he took books out of the library, and ran up some pretty hefty late fees.

It seems President Washington borrowed books from the New York Society Library; they were due for return on November 2, 1789. As of this writing, they're just a bit overdue.

Hey....what's a mere 220 years? And now we know something else about George Washington- if Katy Couric were to ask him what he read he'd at least be able to give us an answer.

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Malcolm said...

I saw this story on MSNBC yesterday morning. They played a clip of the "Seinfeld" episode where Jerry was getting hounded by a library guy (Lt. Bookman) about an overdue book. By the way, your dig at the former Gov. of Alaska made me laugh.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Malcom- Me take a shot at Sarah Palin? Nah!!!!!

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